About me

Me0064aHello there fellow birdbrains, my name is Dan Miller and I’ve been fascinated with wildlife for as long as I can remember, birds in particular. Hardly a moment passes that I’m not thinking about a bird I saw doing some interesting thing. Photography has been equally fascinating to me for just as long; I actually built an SLR camera in grade school! It didn’t work but at least I felt like a professional wildlife photographer. Fast forward a few years and I’ve graduated from college with degrees in biology and chemistry, and still maintained my obsession with birds and cameras. I moved around a bit after college before settling in Lafayette, Indiana, and it didn’t take me long to sniff out the celery bog across the river in West Lafayette. With my discovery of the bog, conditions were favorable for my bird brain to converge with my inner photographer. Digital SLR technology was coming along nicely, by that I mean affordably, and long lens options were also becoming more affordable. My first rig was a Canon 20D and a 500mm knockoff lens. The camera was fantastic, but I struggled to make decent images with that lens. I’m absolutely certain that operator error and lousy technique had something to do with it but I upgraded anyway to my current lens, the Canon EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS. What a difference the big white lens made, and after all these years I’m still completely infatuated with this lens. A few years later I would upgrade my camera to the Canon 7D and now we’re in business; even the birds like to come in and get a good close look at my rig! Having said all that, come on in and enjoy my photos and stories. The stories are all mostly true, by the way, but I’ll let you decide where my imagination may have gotten away from me.