Northern Waterthrush

As a world-class wilderness explorer for hire I sometimes get expedition requests for a particular bird species. That was the case with this Northern Waterthrush. My customer that day, let’s just say her name rhymes with Shari. Oops, I mean Mary, it rhymes with Mary! Whew, that was close. So Mary desperately wanted to photograph a Northern Waterthrush and myself being the world’s foremost leading waterthrush expert knew right where to find them: down by the water! We were able to locate one right away on a perfect perch, in perfect light and I was blasting away, but not even so much as a click from Mary. Apparently she had a branch in her way the entire time and I’m gonna owe her a full refund unless I can somehow convince her that she took this photo. Wait a minute, I don’t charge anything. Nevermind!

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