House Wren

I was strutting along, minding my own business, when it occurred to me: I just walked past a bird!  So I moonwalked it on back down the trail, kick turned to the right, and sure enough there was a House Wren right there, frozen. “Hi buddy, what’s the matter wif ya’?” The old man walking by must have thought I was talking to him, as he quietly responded, “Nothing?” and hurried on past. I’ve never known a wren of any kind to sit that still and that quiet for that long, so I looked around for predators. There were none in sight. Had he never seen the moonwalk before? I dunno, but I got a few photos and went on my way, then he immediately got back to the business of being a noisy little wren. FYI: No moonwalking was actually done at the Celery Bog yesterday, and I don’t even know what a kick turn is, I swear!

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