Brown Creeper

Driving across the Celery Bog bridge I could see that the sun was perfectly illuminating the waterfowl down below. That’s where I’ll start today, despite knowing that those creeps will probably fly away right when I get there. It’s a bit of a hike from the south lot to the bridge with all this gear but it’ll be worth it if I can get some shots. As I approached the bridge, though, the sky filled with clouds, seemingly out of nowhere. Sigh… well, I’m here so I might as well have a look; and just as I turned toward the now considerably less illuminated waterfowl, they all took off! “I knew you creeps were gonna do that!”, I shouted, waving my fist in the air as traffic drove by curiously. Sad, dejected, lonely, and a little hungry to be honest, I headed back to the north to see what else I could find. Before long the sun came out again and soon I was surrounded by bluebirds and chickadees, titmice and nuthatches, and woodpeckers of all shapes and sizes! That’s when I spotted a spiral of cooperative Brown Creepers, “Hi Creeps!” 🙂

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