This world-class wilderness explorer has never been one to brag. It goes against the secret code of conduct followed by all famous authors. Today marks my 1,000th post at birds of the bog!!! This isn’t a metric I had been paying attention to so it kind of crept up on me. Two months from the start of season five and I have single-handedly featured 148 bird species on my site, and let’s not forget about the squirrels, bugs, butterflies and bunnies and all the other wonderful creatures that call the Celery Bog home. I’m not one to brag, just thought it was interesting.

This Osprey had been teasing me all afternoon; conveniently aligning himself between me and the sun so I couldn’t get a shot. Some birds do this on purpose when they know you really want that photo! So I waited. It was a test of wills: the great soaring hunter versus the world-class wilderness explorer. Who would emerge victorious? I think he got tired of listening to me narrate the scene out loud and eventually gave in. Something about annoying and scaring the fish away. Let’s call it a draw!




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