Ruby-crowned Kinglet

If you’ve been following along for a while now you’re probably familiar with my BSP- bird sensory perception. It happened with the Golden-crowned Kinglet and two weeks before that it happened with this Ruby-crowned Kinglet. I was clomping along down the trail when a thought popped into my head: I wonder when I’ll start seeing the kinglets. Fifty feet later there he was, the fluffiest little Ruby-crowned Kinglet I’ve ever seen! He was perched calmly in a dark little corner of the Celery Bog; it was so poorly lit that I wouldn’t normally even bother trying to get the shot, but you know what? I’ve got one rule in photography: Never don’t photograph a cooperative kinglet! I feel like I did a pretty interesting job rescuing this photo, and look at how fluffy he is!

UPDATE: I posted this kinglet from the Celery Bog parking lot, then proceeded to walk a hundred feet to the kinglet section of the bog where I found another cooperative little dude. And this time there was actually some daylight!



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