Great Blue Heron

A warm summer breeze was weaving its way through the entanglements of old fallen trees and tall grass at the Celery Bog when I noticed him hunting along the water’s edge. Such a beautiful creature, tall and proud. With a little patience maybe I can draw him nearer. This is going to be the best Great Blue Heron photo ever. I’ll be on the cover of every magazine, and famous beyond my wildest dreams! Oh no, there’s a fly on my face… hold still, he’s almost within shooting distance! Ahhh, whew, that was close.  Okay, we need to settle down and make sure the camera is set up correctly… aww, what now!?! Really? There’s a bead of sweat pooling over my left eye. Don’t drip, please don’t drip! GAH!!! I can’t take it anymore! Did we get the shot? Did we?! Yes bird, we got the shot. Sheesh, Great Blue Herons can be sooo dramatic!


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