Magnolia Warbler

The brutal afternoon sun hammered the treetops as I walked along in the woods below. This is usually the worst time of day for warbler photography because of the harsh light, but today the leaves were filtering it nicely. Pausing to take it all in, I watched a tiny yellow leaf falling gently, falling, falling, climbing, chirping??? Ha HAA! It’s a Magnolia Warbler! He kept his distance as I waited for him to pause in a sun beam. Clickety, clickety! Intrigued by the sounds of my camera, he moved closer, but not too close. Another sun beam, Clickety, clickety! Again he moved closer, and now he is too close. As I tried to move back far enough to get another shot, he moved closer. It was a game to him now, so I quit trying to take his picture and just enjoyed the moment. It’s hard to imagine just how small some warblers are until you’re standing beak to beak in an epic staring contest with a Magnolia Warbler.



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