Black-throated Blue Warbler

“What am I, chopped liver?” I went to the bog this morning and saw some vireos and a couple of warblers, no major developments but it was a nice walk in the woods. I went back this evening because there was good light and, well, it’s the fall WARBLER migration! I wasn’t there five minutes when I stopped in front of a prime warbler bush and when I realized there were none present I thought to myself: This place is completely devoid of warblers right now. As I stood there sulking, eyes glazed over and staring blankly at that bush I realized something: There’s a Black-throated Blue Warbler staring back at me!!! Wait a minute, did I say that devoid thing out loud? Can you read my mind? Do you understand english? Was I speaking BIRD? He immediately got bored and flew to the other side of the bush, You CAN read my mind!!!


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