American Goldfinch

As the long, hot summer days dwindle and the wildflowers begin to dry out, giggling goldfinch season begins! Some experts will say that giggling sound is merely the flight call of an American Goldfinch, but THIS expert knows they are giggling, mostly at my inability to see them even from a few feet away! I headed over to inspect the wildflowers at the south lot, hoping for some goldfinches, and I wasn’t there ten seconds before I bumped into one. As he flew away giggling I thought to myself, It’s okay, we expected that but keep it together because there are probably more. Two more steps forward and two more giggling goldfinches blasted off from right at my feet. Grrr! After five minutes I had stirred up a dozen gigglers from point-blank range, some of them would have been sweet shots, and only one who never did fly away. Or giggle. He is the one I’m after, the one who is more interested in eating than anything else.

American Goldfinch3283

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