Belted Kingfisher

A week ago I made a brash statement about my nemesis birds; something like, Eventually they all come around. As I wrote that, I was thinking, I’ll never get that Belted Kingfisher now! Saturday evening I was in my usual spot down by the water and I could hear a couple of kingfishers bickering back and forth; they do that a lot. This particular spot has become perfectly overgrown, the trees and shrubs forming a nice little canopy and the grass in front is nice and tall. I couldn’t build a better bird blind myself! Well, I mean… I could, but why not just let nature take care of it. I could tell from the racket these two were making that they were chasing each other back and forth just to the south, but then the bickering started to get louder. They’re headed right for me! Sigh, this is usually when they spot me and make a prompt U-turn, oh well. As I prepared to be disappointed yet again, I realized that they can’t see me in here, Are they really going to fly right past!?! Yup!

Belted Kingfisher3065

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