It was so humid at the Celery Bog this morning that I had to stand there waiting for the sun to de-fog my gear for twenty minutes. While I waited, there was an eagle perched solemnly in a sun bleached old tree out on the water. There were several blue herons out there as well, and a few egrets too. The Mute Swans paddled along slowly as the sound of Mallards filled the air. The cicadas started singing in the woods behind me as a kingfisher fell off his perch into the water. Did he do that on purpose!?! Yup, caught himself a nice little fish! Now a “scold” of Blue Jays are, well… scolding some poor creature directly overhead, probably a hawk of some kind. Yup, Sharp-shinned Hawk, wait… TWO Sharpies! That’s probably why I’m not seeing any of my little woodland bird buddies right now. Oh well, you know who’s not afraid of hawks? Dragonflies! This blue dasher found two perfect places to pose for me.



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