Yellow-rumped Warbler

I came around the bend in a narrow trail at the Celery Bog and that’s when I saw him, clear at the other end. It was a Yellow-rumped Warbler wearing all his fanciest duds! The way he was perched in relation to the trail left me with basically no shot, unless he would allow me to stand right smack dab in front of him. Hey, warblers are super friendly, this just might work, I thought as I approached carefully. Another five feet, hold on bird! Shhh! This is usually the point when they fly away giggling as I stand there muttering nasty birding words under my breath, but he didn’t! Now I’m ten feet away, taking as many photos as I possibly can, and he didn’t budge. Not until I was finished filming did he slowly move away from the area. What a super friendly little warbler.

Yellow-rumped Warbler5620

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