Yellow Warbler

I spotted a Yellow Warbler in the treetops today but there was no chance for a photo. That’s okay though, it was enough for me to have seen him up there and just know that he’s at the Celery Bog right now. What’s the matter with me!?! I must be maturing because it would usually frustrate me severely having a Yellow Warbler so close, yet so far away. Hmmm… an interesting development indeed. A short while later I was down by the bog watching a turtle nap on a log when I saw a golden yellow flash off to my right. The anticipation was excruciating as I slow motion turned my head toward the little tree just a few feet away. Could that be a Yellow Warbler? I hope it is! I hope it is! It HAS to be! GAH!!! It was a Yellow Warbler and he explored that little tree with me for twenty minutes.

Yellow Warbler5955

Yellow Warbler5975

Yellow Warbler5998

Yellow Warbler6045

Yellow Warbler6069

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