Blue-winged Teal at the Celery Bog

Sometimes things become too simple for world-class wilderness explorers and we have to kick it up a notch. I was shooting birds in flight today, BIF’s, and it was just too easy. First some giant geese went lumbering by, then some coots bumbled on past, piece of cake! A water squirrel slithered up to me to see what was going on, then my favorite little Northern Shoveler cruised by; finally a little bit of speed- still nailed him. Are any of you ducks up to this challenge!?!? Just then a Blue-winged Teal jetted out from the treetops behind me. That’s what I’m talking about, he must be going a hundred miles per hour, maybe a buck twenty five! I flung my gear around, blasting away the entire time, and got a dozen perfect shots of the speediest little duck you ever saw. I thought it would be interesting to watch that teal race a shoveler, so I called them over and explained the rules. The teal won by a mile!

Blue-winged Teal8068

Northern Shoveler8079

Teal Shoveler8079

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