Horned Grebe

It was almost a year ago that I saw my first Horned Grebe, so I’ve been thinking about that bird lately and eagerly anticipating my next sighting. I’m in the exact spot right now where we first met last March and –Holy Cow, there he is again!!! Unbelievable, and he dove under the water just like last time too. I’m going back down the trail to that little clearing where he miraculously popped up in front of me the last time; what are the odds he does that again? And just like last time, bloop, up he popped, right in front of me! Amazing! As he paddled away I wondered if he was the same bird from last year, and then as if he could hear my thoughts, he stopped and turned around for one last look, then gave me a little waterfowl wink.

Horned Grebe5648

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