Gray Catbird

Gray Catbird6545I went for a walk with my catbird today, down a narrow and heavily shaded path. It would be great to document this with a photo, I thought, because how often do you get to take a walk with a catbird? It was just too dark in these woods though, there was no good light for photography. Up ahead, however, I spotted three little sunbeams hitting the path. This is my chance, I’ll get him in one of those sunbeams! I steadied my rig as we approached the first sunbeam aaand… he went around it! Grrr! No problem, two more sunbeams aaand… he went around the second one! What kind of catbird doesn’t like a good sunbeam!?!? I begged a little as we approached the third and final sunbeam. It looked like he would avoid this one too, when all of a sudden a mayfly landed right in the middle of that sunbeam! My catbird buddy pounced on it, staying put just long enough for a three shot burst before hopping up into his favorite bush.Gray Catbird0024