Cooper’s Hawk

Coopers Hawk1159I was walking into the woods one morning, laughing about some stupid thing a squirrel just did, when I looked up and smack dab in front of me was a Cooper’s Hawk. I stood there, probably ten feet away, looking at him with a dopey look on my face while he stared back at me with an equally dopey expression. Okay, okay, he probably didn’t look as dopey as me. I knew I couldn’t get a decent shot so I just watched in amazement. That encounter probably lasted only five seconds, but I knew we’d meet again someday soon, and that day was today. He was perched on a low hanging limb over the trail when I spotted him, so I approached carefully, taking photos along the way. I assume it was my world-class wilderness explorer skills that allowed me to get so close to this juvenile Cooper’s Hawk, but it could be that he just doesn’t have enough sense to fly away yet. It could be a little of both.Coopers Hawk1165