Mute Swans

Mute Swans8520Recently the scientifical community tasked me with proving once and for all that Mute Swans actually fly. That won’t be a problem for this world-class wilderness explorer. Okay, first things first, what’s a Mute Swan? Oh yeah, it’s those giant white decorative floaty birds; there’s no way those can fly! I stopped just short of the water to hang out with a Downy Woodpecker the other day when these huge Mute Swans flew by. Rats, that would have been a cool video; if only I would have ignored that dang chatty woodpecker. A few minutes later I was in position when those swans snuck up behind me and flew past again. Grrr!!! Pay attention! Frustrated, I watched as they flew away toward the north side of the bog and I knew they would just keep going, opportunity lost. Then something unexpected happened, they turned around for one final pass! That’s upwards of 24 feet of wingspan flying over; just listen to those wings flapping at the end of the video!