Rusty Blackbird

Rusty Blackbird8313I was down by the bog this morning, under a little tree where, in the springtime I saw my first Rusty Blackbird. I was thinking that I need to put him in the season three wrap up in a few months and wondered if I’d ever see him again. Perhaps during the fall migration? I’m telling you, it’s uncanny how often this happens to me, but it wasn’t two minutes later that I walked up to a whole tree full of Rusty Blackbirds! I couldn’t believe it! They sat up in that tree, taking turns coming down into the bush I was standing next to, to feed on the juicy white fruit it was producing. Then they’d all fly away to a tree near the water, only to turn around and come back a few minutes later to the tree next to me, and that bush full of fruit.

Rusty Blackbird8152







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