Mama’s Garden

Black-capped Chickadee7212My latest book signing tour took me through the Quad Cities, so of course I had to stop at mama’s garden for some free food and birding! It felt a little strange creeping around the old backyard with all my gear, but then I flashed back forty years to a time when all I could do is daydream about being a world-class wildlife photographer. My first bird on this awesome adventure was a Black-capped Chickadee; I still can’t get over how much bigger they are than the Carolina Chickadees out east. Next was this relaxing robin, with her really pale belly. A curious Blue Jay could sense that something extraordinary was happening in mama’s garden and came over for a quick look. What I saw next really was truly remarkable; I saw every single species of North American kinglet frolicking in the same tree! ALL of them were right there! Well, both of ’em… there’s only two species, the Ruby-crowned and the Golden-crowned Kinglets. It’s still really cool though. Even the final bird was quite a surprise; a Lincoln’s Sparrow was hanging out in the garden. On the final day we watched a museum of Cedar Waxwings flitting about in the treetops and that was just the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend in mama’s garden.Robin7187






Blue Jay7240







Ruby-crowned Kinglet7289







Golden-crowned Kinglet7325







Lincoln's Sparrow7406