Winter Wren

Winter Wren0879What’s the first rule of a world-class wilderness explorer? Investigate EVERYTHING. Every little sound and every twitching leaf. I heard what sounded like a curious sparrow chirping off to my left and I looked for him for the longest time with no luck. Finally I spotted him, not a sparrow at all! Tiny little fluffball with a stumpy tail sticking straight up? Winter Wren! Woo hoo! I’ve always wanted to see one of these. I don’t know who was more fascinated, this guy did a complete 360 around me, checking me out the whole time before heading off for breakfast. As I rotated to follow him, I realized that the waterfowlers had started showing up behind me with their tripods and scopes, and I wondered if they could hear me giggling this entire time!Winter Wren0889






Winter Wren0863







Winter Wren0903