Black-throated Green Warbler

Black-throated Green Warbler7156I like to employ a birding technique I developed specifically for situations when I’m unsure of a particular bird’s identity. What I do is I grab all the similar species of birds I can find and plop them down on a branch together. That way I can make a close up comparison and identify my bird properly. I had blackburnians on the brain the day this little dude hopped on over and I was momentarily confused. I kept thinking, Blackburnian or Black-throated Green Warbler? Just then a Blackburnian Warbler plopped down on that limb and I could plainly see the difference. Blackburnians have a yellow throat and black-throated greens have a black throat. Duh!Black-throated Green Warbler6135






Black-throated Green Warbler7123







Black-throated Green Warbler7118







Black-throated Green Warbler7132