Cape May Warbler

Cape May Warbler9237There are some wonderful opportunities to photograph warblers along the bike path at the Celery Bog as the sun settles in the western sky. I stood there this evening as bikers and walkers and joggers went by, thinking that while I’ll get some amazing shots right here, there won’t ever be any cool stories because I’m just standing on a bike path. There won’t be any fond memories of that time I stood on the bike path. And then it happened, in typical Dan fashion. I heard a giggle behind me so I glanced over my shoulder to see who was there. It was a familiar face, a lady who walks the path in the evenings with her two tiny daughters. Usually I can hear that stampede coming from miles away, but not tonite. No kids this time, just a lady trying desperately to hold the giggles in her face with both hands. Now I’ve got to know what’s so funny so I looked around and discovered her two tiny daughters crouched down beside me, watching the Cape May Warbler I was photographing! The smallest one looked up at me and I whispered, “There’s birds in there.” She removed her thumb from her face and replied, “Bah’s?” Yup, bah’s. See what I mean? Never any good stories along the bike path.

Cape May Warbler9189







Cape May Warbler9236







Cape May Warbler9104







Cape May Warbler9150







Cape May Warbler9213