Blackpoll Warbler


Blackpoll Warbler8180I was wandering around the bog this evening, with a perpetual grin on my face, in utter amazement at the number of warblers and variety of species that have stopped by this fall. I think I even LOL’d at one point just thinking about it, which might explain why people passing by were giving me such a wide berth, and accelerating away once they got past me! Stop at any small tree at the bog right now and I can almost guarantee you’ll see warblers. That’s exactly what I did here: saw some delicious looking fruit, stopped to have a look, and this Blackpoll Warbler popped out and started eating! So here’s this bird, not ten feet away from a humongous photographer, and she still hasn’t a care in the world! This is one of the things I love about warblers.Blackpoll Warbler8235






Blackpoll Warbler8133







Blackpoll Warbler8072







Blackpoll Warbler8057