Nashville Warbler

Nashville Warbler7528

This time of year you can shove your head into any large shrub at the bog and find a half dozen warblers staring back at you. I can almost guarantee that most of them won’t fly away either, and they’ll probably be giggling about something. With me it’s either the size of my head they’re giggling at, or how ridiculous I look with my head shoved into a shrub! This Nashville Warbler was foraging in a little shrub and couldn’t have been less concerned about me, popping up periodically to see what I was up to, probably out of curiosity more than anything. It’s fun to follow the twitching leaves wherever he goes, especially when he pops out just a few inches away!

Nashville Warbler7473







Nashville Warbler7550








Nashville Warbler7563







Nashville Warbler7521







Nashville Warbler7410