Gray Tree Frog

Gray Tree Frog6197A good wilderness explorer will investigate some of those mysterious noises and twitchy leaves they encounter in the wild, but a world-class wilderness explorer investigates every single one. That’s usually where the good stuff is at! I was watching some warblers this morning, they were kind of up and to the left, when I noticed a leaf twitching down and to the right. It was too small a twitch to be a warbler and too big to be an insect. I kept an eye on that leaf while I watched the warblers, and the anticipation was killing me! Maybe it’s a new dwarf lemur species? Millerius lemuricus perhaps? Just then it hopped out of the shadows, what is it!?!? It’s a tiny little frog, a Gray Tree Frog to be exact. What a remarkable little frog! By the end of my morning exploration I had photographed three frog species, a toad, and four warblers. A pretty good day, I’d say.