Blackburnian Warbler

Blackburnian Warbler5731What a warbler-tastic week I’m having! There were so many that I had to just try and pick one at a time to work on. Sooo… hmmm, I guess I’ll start with this stripey yellow throated one. I think that’s a Blackburnian Warbler; I’ve seen him before but never taken any useable shots. Once that thought crept into my head I could feel the tension mounting. Stay calm and get the shot!!! Of course it doesn’t help that this bird won’t sit still, EVER! Maybe that’s why I had never taken any good shots of him, until now. Whenever I see this bird I’m reminded of the name I have picked out for the first new warbler species I discover: Danmillernian Warbler!

Blackburnian Warbler5822







Blackburnian Warbler5813







Blackburnian Warbler5757







Blackburnian Warbler5727