Willow Flycatcher

Eastern Wood Pewee5339Flycatchers are fun to watch, they seem to have a real zest for life and tremendous appetites. From their favorite perch high up in the trees, they wait for some unsuspecting insect prey to come along. Then they leap from the tree, pluck that bug right out of mid-air, and return to their perch. Over and over again, usually returning to the same perch. That was the case today as I watched in amazement that this bird could even still fly after consuming so much food! Then he did something unexpected, swooping down into a bush below, he flew straight through, and returned to his perch with what I assumed would be another insect, but no, he had plucked him some fruit from that bush right outta mid-air! Apparently Willow Flycatchers use the same technique whether they’re hunting for flying insects or stationary fruit!

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