Green Heron

Green Heron2907I was stomping through the woods this morning thinking about Green Herons, or the lack thereof. I’ve seen them on the other side of the bog, but I haven’t photographed one yet this year. Well, today’s the day, dadgummit! I’ll sit there all day if I have to, but I WILL shoot me a Greenie today! Aaaand just as I got to the water’s edge, there he goes, flying away. Rats, figures. But what I didn’t realize during my little pity party was that he merely misunderstood where I wanted him to perch. He turned around and plopped down right in front of me on a perfect little stump! And did I mention I captured the entire landing sequence? It was awesome, like a big green chicken coming in for a crash landing!

Green Heron2908







Green Heron2909







Green Heron2910







Green Heron2946