Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk0268The Red-tailed Hawks returned to their nest across the street last winter. I couldn’t get a decent shot of them, but I knew eventually they would be stopping by for a visit. They always do, after all, this is baby bird central. One day, a few weeks ago, I heard an awful commotion out back, well, more like some kind of crazy wild animal hoedown! There was too much noise to be a cat, so I quickly deduced that it was a hawk, probably a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk from across the street. So I grabbed my camera and headed outside for a look. Yup, there he is, and there’s every blackbird and robin from the neighborhood, giving him the what-for! Carl even joined in on the fun! The wrens and catbirds are scolding him from a safe distance, and the squirrels and sparrows are lined up on the fence watching the action! Poor little hawk was probably not expecting such a warm reception on his first day out of the nest!

Red-tailed Hawk0272







Red-tailed Hawk0292