Bell’s Vireo

Bells Vireo9229I was tracking a new noise at the bog recently, a new bird noise. It sounded like a slightly angry version of some kind of warbler or vireo. It’s always exciting discovering a new bird, and this one is new, I guarantee it! Then, just like clockwork, out popped a Warbling Vireo. Rats, that’s a cool find, but it’s not who I was hearing. I returned to that same bush the very next day, more determined than ever to figure who that new noise belongs to. Now I can hear a Warbling Vireo as well as my new bird, I got him now, I guarantee it! Aaaaand… out popped a Blue-headed Vireo! What’s going on here!?! That’s also a cool find but it still ain’t my new bird. Now it’s day 3 and I’m totally confused, and that new bird is in his bush making a complete mockery of a world-class wilderness explorer. Then, finally, he came out and introduced himself, it’s a Bell’s Vireo!!! I knew it! That’s the fifth vireo species I’ve photographed at the bog in two years, and #122 on my all-time bog list. Good stuff!

Bells Vireo8796







Bells Vireo9190