Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadee8399I was deep in the jungle, three or four days by foot, when I heard it. Chirpity-chirp! Danger is everywhere out here, I knew that when I signed up for this, but encountering these ferocious jungle creatures is still terrifying, even for me. Then I heard it again, Chirpity chirple! It’s getting closer, I may be in trouble here, Who’s there!?!?! I shouted in my manliest voice. I gotta get outta here, and as I turned to go back, it crashed through the trees and came to rest on a low hanging branch in front of me. Ahhh!!! It’s a juvenile chickadee, whew! Chirple, said the chickadee inquisitively. I felt compelled to respond so I said, Chirp? Like a puppy who can’t believe his ears, he tilted his headed and said Chirpity-chirp? Again I responded with, Chirp, and he tilted his head the other way. Chirpity-chirp-chirp-chirp, he said, as he hopped back and forth on the limb, just out of arms reach. We carried on like this for several minutes, and I got the distinct feeling that he was having a lot of fun, I know I was. Then his parents showed up, gave him some food, and hauled him away. I continued down the trail, giggling quietly while checking for witnesses out of the corner of my eye.Carolina Chickadee8420








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