Common Grackle

Grackle7768I’m gonna tell you a story about a bird; I’m still processing it myself but I’ll let you decide what’s going on here. The grackles have been back for a while now and they’re pretty smart so they quickly remembered snack time. Two weeks ago I threw some peanuts out and I watched as a grackle flew up carrying a big ole worm in her beak. She plopped that worm down on the deck, grabbed a peanut, and took off. I didn’t think much of it at first because, given the choice, I’d rather eat peanuts myself! I’m still not convinced at this point that anything special is going on here, even after more than a week of this behavior, but then it happened. The event that has me reconsidering yet again just how intelligent these birds actually are. She flew up for a peanut, but this time she didn’t bring me a worm. Ahah! I knew it, it’s all just a coincidence! I continued to watch, proud of the fact that I didn’t fall victim to my overactive imagination once again, when she flew out into the yard, grabbed a worm, came back and plopped it onto the deck, and took off with her peanut! So now the big question is, what do I do with all these worms???Grackle7771