Technical Difficulties

Eastern Towhee2678I had a fantastic time at the bog this morning! The warblers are finally starting to show up, I shot a male Blackpoll, a Connecticut, and a Magnolia Warbler. I shot some redstarts and yellowthroats. I got some great shots of my favorite little Pied-billed Grebe, and also a blue heron. I shot some cool video… and then I got a corrupted file warning on my memory card. That’s weird, never seen that before. I didn’t think much of it until I got home and plugged the card into my computer, and it was completely fried. That was a brand new memory card,¬†GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! I’ve never been much of a product reviewer but in this case, S******, I rate your memory cards one towhee tushy!!! I would have rated it zero towhee tushies but that’s not nearly as funny, and I’ve been using their cards for ten years with no problems. A lot of cool photos were lost today, maybe some day when the pain and anger subsides I’ll pony up the $300 for data recovery.