Rusty Blackbird

Rusty Blackbird3120I think every bird at the bog was singing the other day; I could hardly hear myself think and I loved every minute of it! There was one bird in particular that sounded like a Common Grackle who had forgotten his lines, so I followed that goofy singing through the woods until, wait a minute, is that the same bird? I think it is, but now he sounds like a really confused Red-winged Blackbird! If only I could put eyes on this bird and get him identified. A little while later I did find him, way up in the tree tops. He’s got big yellow grackle eyes but not nearly enough tail. And then just like that he was gone, flew away. Hmmm… maybe a Brewer’s Blackbird, that would be a cool find. Later that morning I was down by the bog when I heard him again, this time he was close, really close. He’s right in this little tree that I’m leaning against! Hey, that ain’t no brewer’s, it looks like his feathers are rusting. Rusty Blackbird! Definitely a cool find and a somewhat rare bird. And really friendly too!

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