White-eyed Vireo

White-eyed Vireo1821bThe following are excerpts from a minor disagreement with myself regarding going to the bog on Sunday morning. Me: We’ve been to the bog four times in the past two days. Me: So what, it’s gonna rain all week and this is our last chance for a while. Me: We’re kind of in between ducks and warblers right now and there’s not much happening at the bog. Me: So what, this is usually when we find something spectacular. Me: Fine, let’s go. Upon arriving at the bog, the winds picked up and the skies clouded over, and I was still whining about taking the day off. Me: Let’s get a coffee and go plop down on the couch. Me: No, get your butt out there and take some pictures. Me: Fine. So I was walking along and having a pretty good time, no surprise there, when something yellow this way fluttered. Warbler alert! I couldn’t get very close to this dude, which is strange for warblers, but I did manage a few shots. As I followed him down the trail, checking some of the shots I just took, I couldn’t help but notice those awesome eyes. There seems to be some gray or white in those eyes, this isn’t any warbler I’m familiar with. I was completely stumped! I know there are only a few birds with eyes like this, wait a minute, is that a vireo beak? A vireo beak is distinctively thick and has a “hook” on the end. Why yes it is, and I seem to recall some kinda bird called a White-eyed Vireo or some such name. That’s it! I’m sure glad I convinced myself to go bogging today!

White-eyed Vireo1845






White-eyed Vireo1853