Eastern Towhee

Eastern Towhee0035The towhees are back! They flew in Friday night and boy are their arms tired! Nope, wings, boy are their wings tired! Rats, that joke just doesn’t work with birds, I guess because they actually do fly. Seriously though, I could hear the towhees singing as I pulled into the entrance on Saturday. I hadn’t heard a towhee in six months, but I was instantly reminded that it’s one of my absolute favorite sounds in nature. I walked right up to this little guy and he seemed to remember me, although he did stay in the confines of that brushy tangled bush for a few seconds before hopping out into the open and singing me my favorite song. A group of towhees is known as a tangle, and I think the final photo in this series pretty much illustrates why.


Eastern Towhee0353






Eastern Towhee0123






Eastern Towhee0340