Yellow-throated Warbler

Yellow-throated Warbler9407As I pulled into the entrance of the bog, a pair of bright yellow goldfinches flew past me. Very nice, that’s a good sign, I thought as I proceeded down the narrow, winding road. Up ahead I could see Tree Swallows perched atop all the posts lining the road, almost as if they were welcoming me personally to the bog. Thank you, thank you Tree Swallows. A couple of honking geese flew over for good measure, and then I heard the towhees calling back and forth, Hi Dan, we’re back! Hi Dan, we’re back! I hadn’t been at the bog ten seconds and I’d already forgotten why I was so grumpy all winter long! They gave me such a grand entrance that I knew the only way to improve on this trip would be to spot my first warbler of the year. A few minutes later, I was photographing a sapsucker making sap holes in a tree, when suddenly a Yellow-throated Warbler flew up and starting sucking sap outta that sapsucker’s sap holes!

Yellow-throated Warbler9302






Yellow-throated Warbler9394






Yellow-throated Warbler9312