American White Pelican

White Pelican3877Its been a while since I stayed at that old cabin in the woods along the mighty Mississippi River, so I called to make a reservation. Guide dad and spotter mom are still giving river tours so I signed me up for some! During the last tour we were looking for eagles, and boy did we find them. This time around though, the eagles aren’t in season so we’ll be looking for pelicans. Big American White Pelicans to be exact, and by big I mean nine foot wingspan big! I loaded my gear and off we went to LeClaire, IA and lock and dam no. 14. There wasn’t much pelican activity at this location, not anything close enough to photograph anyway, so we headed to downtown Davenport and lock and dam no. 15. This is more like it, I knew guide dad and spotter mom wouldn’t let me down. There were cooperative floaters and flyers all within my range. At one point I made the comment that they looked like WWII floatplanes, and come to find out later that a group of pelicans is known as a squadron, my new favorite name for a group of birds. Oh, and the breakfast menu? Same as the last time: biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon, and sausage! Them folks sure do know how to give a river tour!

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