Gray Catbird

Gray CatbirdI was approached the other day by a prospective client who was interested in some catbird prints. I got this, I thought to myself as I swiftly navigated through my website to the catbirds. This is the photo you’re looking for, right he-, uhh it should be right here. Hmmm… Could it actually be that I have forgotten to post the most amazing catbird photo ever taken, by me, on my website!?! Yup. Think fast, dude… okay, I got it. It uhh, appears that my IT department has mistakenly archived the wrong photos, I’ll get them straightened out right away. Whew, I think she bought it! This photo cracks me up, if I said this was a taxidermy bird sitting in a display case, you’d probably be inclined to believe me. But no, he actually hopped up on his little soap box right in front of me and started spewing cat calls for all the world to hear!