Raccoon6900It’s pretty slim pickins around here this time of year, at least regarding birds that is. I thought it would be a good day to look for owls though, so I headed out to the bog. When I’m owl hunting there are a few thing I look for: first, I’m looking for just the right knothole in the sides of big old trees, then I’m looking at the limbs right next to the trunks of these trees. Finally, I’m looking for bird droppings (white paint) at the base of these trees. I walked along for ten minutes and then I spotted this promising knothole, but right away I thought It’s too big, probably full of raccoons. Just as if right on cue, a raccoon popped his head out of that knothole! I could hardly believe it as I fumbled to get my gear pointed in his direction. I did manage to get one shot off before he disappeared into the tree. And, of course, I didn’t see any owls that day.