Brown Creeper

Brown Creeper6533The Brown Creeper is a mysterious little bird, revealing itself almost as if by magic, as the bark of a tree coming to life and climbing upward, always upward. These creepers spend winter throughout most of the U.S. and it’s always a real treat to see one. Such a quiet and well camouflaged little bird, I usually feel like my eyes are deceiving me when I see the bark of a tree start to move unexpectedly. Specialized, pronged tail feathers, much like those of a woodpecker, are what allow this little dude to climb up the side of trees, and climb he does! Always up, looking for insects and spiders, and then flying down to the base of the next tree. Now, spiral I get, but why on earth a group of creepers is known as a sleeze is beyond me!

Brown Creeper6532