American Tree Sparrow

American Tree Sparrow7090 This time of year, the middle of winter, any bird photos I manage are just a bonus over and above an amazing walk in the woods. The perspective is so different in the winter, the trees are illuminated from above by the deep blue sky and from below by the snow covered forest floor. You can see what’s happening a long ways through the trees, which ain’t much, but that’s what I like about the bog in winter, it’s so quiet, so peaceful. I happened upon a whole gob of American Tree Sparrows early on in my adventure this morning. Gob? That doesn’t sound right, nope, it’s grove! A group of tree sparrows is known as a grove! They seemed to be in a particularly good mood, too, kinda like they knew something. What aren’t you telling me, bird!?! It’s about spring, isn’t it!?! Spring’s coming early!?! GAH!!! Tree Sparrows are really good at keeping secrets, apparently.Bog pano2



American Tree Sparrow7095