flower7843The other day I had a perfect springtime photo in mind, and there was a bunting smack dab in the middle of it. That’s gonna be tough to beat, we’ll go with that one, I said to no one in particular. But when I typed the file number into my file manager, it was as if I had been slapped upside the head with a cold, wet herring! There’s two 7843’s? And they’re both a perfect representation of spring? What am I gonna do!?!? Once the confusion subsided, I set out to investigate this wonderful, mysterious wildflower photo, and what I found was a whole pile of ’em! It’s all coming back to me now, after I finished with the birds on this particular day, I swapped out the big lens for a macro lens and flash. Then I went back around on the route I had just taken, stopping at all these wildflowers I had spotted during the first go around, the bird lap, if you will. Now, I’m no plantologist but just off the top of my head I’d say we’re looking at some rudbeckia, primrose, and violets here.