Possum6695It was a warm day, not a cloud in the sky and no wind to speak of, completely uncharacteristic of January. Well, everything was covered in snow, that part is fairly characteristic. As I made my way to the bog I was reminded of a similar day about a year ago, and by similar I mean virtually identical. On that day I photographed a possum, so I had to laugh because I know how things happen in my world. The question now wasn’t if, but when and where I’d see my possum. I walked past the spot where I saw him last year and looked around real good… nothing, no possums. It was getting pretty late in my adventure now, maybe I should have taken the other path. Could my instinct actually be wrong about this!?!? And there she was! I did a double take because it’s a pretty startling thing to see a big gray animal staring at you. And so here it is, more proof that possums at the celery bog are quite possibly the cutest in the world!