Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Ruby-throated Hummingbird9359Becoming a world-class wilderness explorer is not as simple as just walking around random places with a camera and taking pictures. Nope, a single shoot requires months of research and planning. Take my latest hummingbird shoot for instance, all kinds of work went into making this happen. First there’s research: google orange bugle shaped flower, tiny orange wildflower, orange hummingbird wildflower, that’s it right there! Jewel weed, aka touch-me-not, there’s a bunch of this stuff at Hort Park and I know the hummingbirds love it. There’s planning: is it going to be sunny at lunch time? I dunno, maybe I should check the weather app on my phone. There’s a Subway across the street from Hort Park, perhaps I’ll get a sandwich afterward. Then there’s the actual picture taking, it’s kind of like magic, so I’m not sure I can explain how that part works. These hummingbirds were engaged in the most adorable aerial battle for flower patch supremacy and they would hardly sit still long enough for a photo. Back and forth, up and down I swung my camera with nary a photo to show for my efforts. Then I looked down at my side and there was a single hummingbird right next to me, moving from flower to flower like I wasn’t even there! I watched her for a while and then the rest calmed down enough for a photo shoot.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird9372






Ruby-throated Hummingbird9444






Ruby-throated Hummingbird9395






Ruby-throated Hummingbird9393