Dickcissel4535I got plum run’d out of the bog by skeeters the other day, worst mosquitoes I’ve ever experienced, anywhere. I suspect this is why the birds have seemingly vacated the area as well. It’s too perfect a day to stop shooting though, so I headed to the southwest and a massive prairie guaranteed to be mosquito free, but is this where all my birds went as well? Immediately upon my arrival I was greeted by a group of angry Killdeers expressing their displeasure with my existence on earth; thankfully Killdeers are quick to forgive and forget. In the grass nearby I could hear a Song Sparrow belting out his favorite morning tune and beyond him, way out on the prairie, I could hear the huge song of a Dickcissel. That’s who I’m gonna shoot today, a Dickcissel. Hey, they don’t let me name the birds. Curious as to why this bird has such a strange name, I did a little research. It turns out that his favorite call sounds a bit like dick-dick-cissel. Still, I would have come up with something cooler, like mini-Meadowlark. As I headed across the prairie I started to feel light-headed, must have lost a lot of blood over at the bog because I swear that’s a teepee over there! Dickcissel4525