Squirrel Sunday

Raccoon5575I was on the north side of the bog trying to figure out where all the dang birds went, moping around and probably pouting a little too, when I came to the realization that something epic usually happens at times like this. Alakazam! Nothing. Kazamo! Rats. Snorkel? Hmmm… c’mon! Gimme something ep- whoa!!! That tree is moving! Epic time, it never fails. Mama raccoon had the kids out for a climbing lesson and was in the process of putting them back to bed. What I know about baby raccoons is, that’s no easy task, especially when there’s a world-famous photographer standing in front of their house. These guys clowned around and mugged for the camera a little bit, then they headed for the front door. They looked like those suction cup Garfields people used to put in their car windows, stuck to the side of the tree while they waited their turn to go in! And of course, once they were all in, there was no going to bed until each and every one of them got to peek outside at the photographer one last time.

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