Warbling Vireo

Warbling Vireo1881A week ago I revealed, for all the world to see, a Blue-headed Vireo. A bird I didn’t even know existed until our paths crossed that fine fateful day. This week I give you the Warbling Vireo, a bird I am very familiar with but until recently have never been able to get a shot of. You may recall the Red-eyed Vireo from a while ago, and I mention it because these two birds are remarkably similar. The main differences are the eyes of the Red-eyed Vireo and the non-stop warbling of the Warbling Vireo. Seems simple enough, right? Well, I suspect I had been misidentifying the Warbling Vireo for years, until recently when I realized that the red-eyes are a very quiet bird but this particular vireo was extremely noisy. So I flipped open my field guide to the vireo section and it landed on the Warbling Vireo page- eureka! That HAS to be it! This bird has such a knack for posing adorably that it may give the chickadees and titmice a run for their money in the cuteness competition!

Warbling Vireo1877






Warbling Vireo1866